5 Invisalign tips for those just getting started

5 Invisalign tips for those just getting started

1️⃣ DRINK ONLY WATER: Not only do sugary drinks have the ability to decay your teeth while on this treatment, but drinking soda, coffee, and tea will stain your aligners over time.
2️⃣ BRUSHING YOUR TEETH: One of the most important Invisalign tips that we strongly suggest is that after every meal you brush your teeth as normal. This helps eliminate any food particles that can possibly cause decay.
3️⃣ USE FOR 20-22 HOURS DAILY: One of the great benefits of Invisalign is the privilege of taking them off whenever you would like. And even though this is a benefit that you are unable to do with braces, it’s important that you keep them on for 20-22 hours in the day.
4️⃣ USE YOUR CASES: Even though these aligners are fairly durable, it’s still important that you put them in your case after use. Wrap them on napkins can easily get them lost or damaged.
5️⃣ FIND A TRUSTED DENTIST: Invisalign is an amazing service when done right. That’s why finding the perfect Orthodontist is important.

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