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Years of orthodontics experience. Guarantee individualised care to help you get the smile you’ve always wanted. Believe that a smile can change how you are perceived in your day-to-day life. Make sure people get the chance to see the real you with a beaming smile!

The professionals have been specially trained to work with both Invisalign and Self-Ligating Braces, as well as the more traditional methods of alignment. Invisalign and Self-Ligating Braces are relatively new, but they are quickly taking the world by storm. When you book your appointment with Dr. Debora, you can feel confident that you are receiving personalised care from an expert in the field. We are confident that the end result will exceed your expectations!

Our Objectives

Give people dental care treatment with a view to improving their confidence levels and self-esteem, therefore, improving their lives by applying technical and high skill knowledge combined with the best dentistry technology.

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Our Values

We want people to feel better and improve their lives and as dental care provider we want to enhance their experience by always treating the patient with total transparency, professional ethics, cordiality building in that way a bond and trust allowing good communication and relationship.


I am always open to having a strong relationship with my patients. Transparency is the key to patient trust. It makes them feel confident and comfortable with their treatment goals.


Relationship is about trust. I believe all bonds are built on transparency and good communication. Authentic trust is not only reliable in the dentist’s technique, but on our ability of feeling the fears and desires of the patient.


Loyalty is very important to the success, and stability of any lasting relationship. This is where the patient weighs up the value of the service to make a calculated decision about the relationship with the dental professional.

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Our Happy Clients

What patients say about us
Aline Zandona

I strongly recommend Debora as a dentist, she did an amazing job with my teeth, I loved the results. Since I was a child I had to use braces and I never got nice results. This time, with Debora, it was my fourth time trying and now I can finally say I’ve found the best dentist I could ever imagine. She did an amazing job with braces for my teeth, she is the best dentist in my opinion. Also, she is kind, attentive, a really nice person and she is always available to help you anytime you need. Thanks for everything Debora, I am really happy.

Aline Zandona
Ismailly Farah

I don't have enough words to thank Débora. Just 1 year and a half wearing the metal braces and my teeth are perfect now. 100% I recommend Dr.  Debora.

Ismailly Farah
Gabriella Fiszman

I’ve recently had an appointment with Dr Debora and I am more than happy with her service. I had also a great experience with her team and the clinic. Highly recommended!

Gabriella Fiszman

What Makes Us Different

When you become our client, you will never just be a number. We take great care to provide each patient the treatment plan they need to get the smile of their dreams. With the help of some of the best alignment products on the market, Debora Dental will have you beaming in no time!

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Why Choose Dr. Debora?

Here, we want customers like you to feel comfortable every step of the way. We will work with you to get you a perfect treatment plan, and we will carefully track your progress to see how we can improve your smile more efficiently. We want to get you smiling as soon as we can, so we will recommend the best alignment system for you while doing our best to keep plans affordable. We offer so much more than braces.

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