Dr. Debora Team

Dr. Debora Team

✨Dr Debora Gutierrez⠀
Dr Debora has been practising dentistry for 18 years after graduating from the Brazil Metodista University of Sao Paulo. She received her postgraduate diploma from the University of Sao Paulo and her speciality in Orthodontics from the United Colleges of Minas.⠀
Dr Debora is certified in Invisalign, the Lingual System, Self-Ligating Braces, DatSteel Anchorage, Advanced Toxins, and Fillers.⠀
Dr Debora found her love of dentistry her own childhood treatment. Her new smile gave her more confidence than she could have imagined and she now strives to give the gift of a great smile to others.

Debora Dental Team

✨Leenie Stokes⠀
Head Nurse⠀
Leenie started as a receptionist in a dental office in 2004 where she became fascinated with the process and decided to pursue a career in Dental Nursing.⠀
She received her qualification in 2006, and she continued her studies to become certified in Implantology and Oral Surgery, Sedation, Phlebotomy, Oral Health Education.⠀
Leenie has known Dr Debora for years, and the two are best friends. They work extremely well together and both share the desire to give patients confidence through a perfect smile.

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