Ligated Braces (Metal and Clear)

Ligated braces are considered the traditional way to straighten teeth; it is very popular with teenagers because they can choose their favourite coloured elastics to hold the wire in place. Metal or clear plastic brackets are secured to the teeth, and metal wires of various sizes and thicknesses are used to straighten your smile. Ligated braces have been one of the top choices for many years because of their lasting results and accurate adjustments. Traditional braces are excellent for more challenging adjustments because of their secure hold and ability to be adjusted with great accuracy.

Proven Results

One of the oldest ways to straighten teeth.

Detailed Corrections

Ligated braces can make detailed corrections to give you a picture-perfect smile.

Secure Hold

Wires and brackets are all expertly secured, making sure your alignment process stays on track.

Metal Vs. Clear Ligated Braces

Truly, the only difference between metal and clear braces are aesthetics. For those patients more concerned with the appearance of their smile while wearing braces, the clear option is a great choice. You get all of the benefits of ligated braces with a lower profile. The only downside to clear braces is that you don’t get to choose fun colours.

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