How Do Self-Ligating Braces Work?

The Self-Ligating System is a whole new way of treating patients. This revolutionary system can help you avoid teeth extractions and palatal expanders through the use of shape-memory wires that move teeth quicker than traditional braces.

Self-Ligating Braces do not require elastics or metal ties. With Self-Ligating Braces, you can get a straighter smile without tightening and with fewer adjustments.

The Self-Ligating System uses a slide mechanic on their brackets that allow the teeth to move freely and faster than braces with elastic ties.

Fast Results

The sliding mechanism of Self-Ligating Braces gives your teeth the freedom to move quickly and with less pain.

Innovative Technology

Revolutionary shape-memory wires combined with the sliding door brackets are what makes Self-Ligating Braces so special.

A Smile You'll Love

Self-Ligating Braces have helped millions of people get the smile of their dreams.

Looking for braces that are more discreet? Try Clear Self-Ligating Braces!

Self-Ligating Braces are also available in a clear form! The brackets are so clear that most people won’t even realise you’re wearing braces! We believe that appearance is important, and if you don’t want a smile full of noticeable metal braces, Clear Self-Ligating Braces are perfect for you.

Clear Self-Ligating Braces

Using the same cutting-edge technology as metal Self-Ligating Braces, the clear version gives patients a faster, more painless way to straighten their smile. The best part? The clear brackets are so transparent that people won’t even notice them! You will not have yellowing from any of the foods you eat, and there are no metal or elastic ties to make your brackets more noticeable.

The Self-Ligating Difference

Both metal and clear Self-Ligating Braces are constructed with a sliding door mechanism to secure wires in place. There is no need to tie down the wires with elastics or metal ties anymore! The sleek design of Self-Ligating brackets help prevent food from getting caught in them, and you are less likely to get cuts and scrapes on your gums and lips. Because they are not tied down, teeth can move more freely which means that you see faster results with less pain.

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